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For some of the items listed, we went ahead and found specific items on a web site.  These links are only any easy way to show you the item, or something like what we have in mind.  We do not receive any commissions if you make purchases from these companies :')  Also, there may be better prices at other stores.

Back again this year are links to products on that are tied to our affiliates program there.  If you use any of our Amazon links to buy something from there, we get a little kickback from the site.  We will donate any such monies to the kid's college funds.  If you want to shop at Amazon, use one of the links below or navigate to the Amazon Home Page (via this link) with our associate code getting credit.  Obviously find the best price available.  Sometimes you may even find a better price at Amazon on a product we listed, just from a different seller.  As long as you use our link to get to Amazon, all purchases will generate credit.

If anyone else has an Amazon affiliates program (which is free), we would happy to use one or more of them for our purchases.  Affiliates cannot get credit from their own program site.

For items that include stars, you an interpret them as follows: = Definitely hope to get the item / Have expressed much interest; = Would like the item, just not as much as the 3-star items; = Interested, but not at the expense of other items :)


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We are getting him the original trilogy
We are getting him the original trilogy 
bulletClothes - Size ?? (or ??) for shirts; Pants are size ??
bulletBarnes and Noble gift card
bulletWireless XBox controller - Ranges from Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - Glossy Black to a bit fancier Xbox 360 Halo 4 Limited Edition Wireless Controller
bullet Western Skies Golf Gift Certificate
bullet Chemistry set
bullet Wireless Car Mouse
bullet AirSoft Sticky Target - Besides sticky, there are some other cool ones, like the Soft Air Firepower Dual Competition Mesh Trap Target and Gamo Squirrel Field Target w/4 Kill-Zone Reducers (just funny)

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Or something like this for her bike 
bulletClothes - Size ?? for tops; Pants are size ??
bullet Watch Me Draw Books ($6)
bulletBarnes and Noble gift card
bulletGiant Stencils Box ($20) - Several items on this page, but only think stencils would be something she would like.
bulletBarbie clothes from Etsy site
bulletTumbling mat
bulletStompeez - Unicorn; Size = Medium ($20)
bulletPottery Wheel
bulletDraw Write Now Books
bulletAmerican Girl Accessories - Lost her mind when she saw the catalog.  Wrote 'I Love This Book' on the front.  Some of the many favorites: Any riding outfit; Cheerleader; Matching pajamas; Caroline's Travel Outfit; Fancy Dress; and several $125+ items that we will let her forget :)

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Ethan & Madeline

bulletSwim goggle multi-packs (youth size)
bulletSnow sleds - Options include smooth disks, long torpedo sleds, and snow tubes (a first choice) - Tubes that are big enough for two people are a bonus
bullet Toothbrush sanitizers
bullet Pottery gift card or family fun pass


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The download option is fine.  Not sure how you 'gift' that, but there must be a way.
bullet Gel Kitchen Mats (! $40) - This is a link to an Amazon search that shows many of these items - Looking for something that blends in (i.e., not too bright or busy)
bulletAmazon gift card
bulletGift cards for clothes (Old Navy, REI, Sports Chalet, Kohls)
bullet 'The Earthworm' Umbrella Holder - Assume 9" base model ($40)
bulletA light beach chair - There are several shown here, and plenty available from other sites.  No crazy designs please.  Not looking for lots of features, just something low and light.  One that looks cool.
bulletBeach umbrella: You can find several here.  No rainbows please.  Looking for light and large.  The 'Fancy' one in a striped pattern looks interesting.
bulletOther chair ideas: Undercover beach chair shade ($20);
bulletShiatsu seat topper


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bullet Simms® HardBite™ Star Cleat Studs ($40)
bulletA nice pool cue.  I know little about these, but could use something better than the standard ones we have.


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bullet ShopVac - Current 16-gallon has run it's course; Prefer something smaller (8 or 12 gallons).  This 8-gallon model looks good.
bulletPatio furniture covers – Any from: 2 chaise covers; Rectangular table and chair cover; Sofa cover; 2 chair covers for large chairs under cover; 2 regular chair covers - Prefer something in a light color.  Really like the deluxe sand collection from Plow & Hearth, items 52512 (qty 2), 52503, 52516, 52507 (qty 2); 52517 (qty 2)
bulletHumidifiers - Need 2 total
bullet Slate cheese board ($29)
bulletCard tables chairs (qty 4) - We have enough tables.  Just need some chairs.  Something sturdy with a cloth padded bottom sounds good, but nothing fancy.  Just basics.





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