Hello my son.

It’s great to finally meet you.

You were certainly eager to greet us,

Arriving well before you were due.


You came out not with a whimper,

But rather crying aloud.

So small, but clearly a fighter.

Mommy and I so proud.


The nurses whisked you away.

Fear not, you’re never alone.

They care for you twenty-four seven,

And love you like one of their own.


What’s his name?

People would often ask.

We did not yet have a name ready,

Yet what an exciting task.


Whittaker, Brian, and Zachary,

All made the final four.

But Ethan was always our favorite,

Your moniker forever more.


We’ve many adventures ahead.

Together the world we shall roam.

Rest easy, our precious child,

And you will soon be home.