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Mothers Day (05/12/02):

ethan_051202_01.JPG (36467 bytes) ethan_051202_02.JPG (56805 bytes) dad_ethan_051202_02.JPG (54565 bytes) dad_ethan_051202_03.JPG (41063 bytes)
A little visit with mom. Not so happy because he wants his food. Watching a little NBA playoff action with dad. Some "belly time".  He's supposed to be on his stomach sometimes when we are watching him to build muscles.  He's not building much here except more frequent sleeper miles.

Coming Home (05/10/02):

ethan_carseat_0510_02.jpg (68581 bytes) ethan_carseat_0510_01.jpg (68599 bytes) mom_dad_ethan_0510_01.jpg (57208 bytes) first_day_home_02.JPG (34368 bytes)
Into the car seat.  Almost time to go. Blanket (made by Grandma Diana) in place. Quick family shot on the way out. Into the house we come.
first_day_home_01.JPG (60666 bytes) first_day_home_03.JPG (58140 bytes) first_day_home_04.JPG (57371 bytes) first_day_home_05.JPG (60179 bytes)
Quick visit to our room. Hanging with some of his pals on the day bed in the nursery. Mom and Ethan in the feeding corner of the nursery. Ethan likes to look outside while he's eating or rocking. 
crib_pets_02.jpg (60238 bytes) crib_pets_03.jpg (38974 bytes) got_milk.JPG (64744 bytes)  
Ethan's safari friends in his crib for a photo. A little wider angle shot of Ethan's room. Our somewhat large freezer in the basement.  There's also a decent amount of milk in the freezer side of the fridge upstairs.  Dawn continues to be a milk factory.  



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