Brisbane, Australia


Schedule/Flight Info:

Flight From To Departs Arrives
Ansett 151 Hamilton Island Brisbane Fr 12/01 2:10pm Fr 12/01 3:40pm
Air New Zealand 204 Brisbane Christchurch Mo 12/4 7:35pm Tu 12/5 12:55am

Our Plans:

No plans beyond seeing our friend Kylie (AC person who worked in Nebraska).

Our Photos (click here to see more):

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How could we not take a picture of the massive McDonalds Santa.  He appeared to be too heavy to move, so maybe he spreads Christmas cheer all year long. With our friend Kylie.  It was great to see her again!! A house that we thought we could possibly enjoy!! Probably the most magnificent personal yacht we have ever seen ... at least we believe it to be personal since it had no distinct commercial markings on it.

Our Diary:

12/01:  Decided to rent a car.  The weather report is for rain all three days, but the sun is shining.  So, we decided to head for the Gold Coast while there was sunshine.  We stayed in Surfers Paradise.  The place looked like something from a spring break video in Florida.  The "schoolies" were in town, which added to the feeling.  Schoolies are high school seniors.  They get out of school 2-3 weeks before everyone else gets out for summer, and they party it up in places like Surfers Paradise.  Makes the rest of us feel a bit old!!!

12/02-12/03:  Went to a mall and watched a movie (The Grinch).  Odd thing to do in another country?  Probably, but the "normal" day-to-day things are starting to seem really nice about this time.  Some popcorn and a movie hit the spot.  Don needed another haircut anyway.  His hair was almost an inch long!!

We then drove back to Brisbane and called Kylie.  She and her boyfriend Brett were only a few minutes away from  the place we called them from.  We had some beers and then went to Brett's place for dinner.  They had this cool cooker that we used.  We put meat and vegetable on it and the cooker cooked them very quickly.  It's kind of like fondue without the sauce.  And it's healthy since there is no oil and such.  We also watched a cricket test match between Australia and the West Indies (I think).  This was perfect since Brett could answer all of Don's many questions about the game.  Don's feels enlightened.  We crashed at Brett's place for the night and went for breakfast in the morning.  It was great to see Kylie again and to meet Brett.

We spent the rest of the day exploring Brisbane.  We rode the City Cat up and down the river.  Brisbane is a nice city.  It's one of those cities where people actually do things downtown (like Chicago, San Francisco, or  New York), even on the weekends.

12/04:  Off to Christchurh!!



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