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How could we not take a picture of the massive McDonalds Santa.  He appeared to be too heavy to move, so maybe he spreads Christmas cheer all year long. With our friend Kylie.  It was great to see her again!! Downtown. The City Cat.  We took one of these for a tour along the river. Some of the larger buildings in Brisbane.
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More large buildings. One of several bridges we passed under. There were boats at anchor all along the river. A house that we thought we could possibly enjoy!! Sun rays beaming down on Brisbane.
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Jellyfish in the river. There were hundreds of them making their way along towards the ocean.  We're not sure why they were in the river. Probably the most magnificent personal yacht we have ever seen ... at least we believe it to be personal since it had no distinct commercial markings on it. Dawn on the windy bow.  



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