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New Delhi:

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The "India Gate". Part of Vijay Chowk, home of the government buildings of the capital.  In the foreground, people are washing clothes in the water. Another part of Vijay Chowk. Cathedral Church of the Redemption.
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The Red Fort from a distance.  The fort, commissioned in 1639, took nine years to build.  The fort was the seat of Mughal power until 1857. Closer up to the Red Fort White marble throne-balcony in the Red Fort.  The emperor gave daily audiences to all his subjects from here. Back door to the Moti Masjid ("pearl mosque").
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Another marble building within the fort.  It's called Diwan-i-Aam. A fountain within the fort's royal apartments.  Water would flow down the wall into the fountain.  We saw this type of fountain several times in India. One wall of the royal apartments. Some of the detail found throughout the marble buildings of the fort. 
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More detail.  The flower pieces are actually carved from the marble and the carved spots are filled with colored stones of the exact size of the whole. Another view of Diwan-i-Aam. Muhammad Shah's Tomb (reigned from 1434-44). Another of the tombs in Lodi Gardens.


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Wall of the Agra Fort. Quad area of the fort. Several men carrying a very heavy stone with sticks on their shoulders. A little boy playing with the pigeons.  Look closely and you can see that one of the birds is actually flapping right next to the boy.  It was cute to watch him run around and make all the birds fly.  
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Part of the royal residence in the fort. More of the royal quarters. Some of the marble details. A mosque at the Agra Fort. View of the Taj Mahal from Agra Fort.
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Closer view of the Taj from Agra Fort.  The river flows right next to the Taj.  Cows wander near the river. Itimad-ud-Daulah's Tomb.  Described as "jewel box in marble".  Built by a woman for her parents in 1622. The Tomb is also know as the "Baby Taj".  This building "marks the transition from the robust, red sandstone architecture of Akbar to the sensuous refinement of Shah Jahan's Taj Mahal". Some of the Garden's of the Baby Taj. Yellow marble caskets of the couple for whom the temple was built.
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Main entry to the Taj Mahal complex. Taj Mahal in the evening. View of the sunset from the main Taj complex.  You can see the sun between the building on the right and the tree on the left. View across the river from the Taj. Last shot before the sun sets.
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One of the four Taj pillars in the evening. Don in from of the Taj. Closer shot of the Taj.  The person at the bottom might provide some scale. One of the Taj towers.  Early morning view.
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Morning view. Framed view of the Taj from one of the surrounding buildings. Looking back to where most of the main Taj pictures were taken from View with faint sunlight.  The Taj changes greatly as the light changes during the day.  View in the morning.


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Amber Fort. Elephant bringing tourists up to the fort, which sits high on a hill.  We walked up.  After being on safari, riding an elephant Seemed far from proper. Main gateway to the private apartments within the fort. Closer view of the gate. View of the gate details.
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Don inside the fort. Kesar Kyari Bagh, one of the gardens just outside the fort. Quad area, viewed from the front gate. Close view of the elephant taxi area. A wild bird at the fort.  Looks like a bird you might find at a pet store.
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A surrounding fort wall form the apartment area. Dawn across the quad at one of the turrets. Ornate ceiling within the fort.  Pieces of broken glass sparkle and reflect throughout.  More of the wall and ceiling. Stained glass window in the private apartments.
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More detail of the wall design. None of the walls within the apartments have parts on them without decoration. One of the many monkeys near the main gate.  He's eating some food that someone left for him. Monkeys playing.  Note sure that little one should be playing on the power line. Watching the day go by.
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Don with a new friend. The Jal Mahal or "water palace".  Appears to be floating when the waters are high. Diwan-i-Khas, at the City Palace. Chandra Mahal, at the City Palace. Some cows just hanging out by the entrance to our hotel.  They just went and stayed wherever they desired.



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