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Prior to Leaving:

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Gear on our bed, ready to be packed.  The whole packing process took hours as we had to cut items out and then carry the packs around for a "weight test". Simon likes to help out where he can. The official MOAV haircut.  Practicality times 10.  No brushing, no gel, no worries.  This cut remains in effect months after return.  Now it's just a matter of being lazy .... and coming to grips with his folic future.  
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Showing the kids in Don's mom's class our gear.  This is the day before we left. We presented for over an hour.  It was a great time.  They had lots of really good questions. Dawn is using the globe to show them everywhere we're planning to visit. At the gate, ready to board the flight to Germany.  Bon Voyage!!

Upon Return:

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Coming out of customs.  You'll have to trust that it's us on the right side of the photo. "The Moms" waiting patiently at LAX. Dawn's mom working on her sign in the parking garage. Don's mom doing the same.
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Final shot before getting back to normal. Simon thinking he might be able to jump that high. Preparing to drive back home.  Simon is excited to travel, but sad to leave his extended family.  He has been pampered for months!!!  



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