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Dawn laying out on our own little section of beach. Some of the coral near our hut. Lone fish. Spotted puffer. There's a blue clam-like creature in the coral and a yellow polyp of sorts.  The polyps retract quickly if you move too close.
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Parrot fish. There's a blue boxfish looking up at you on the left side of the picture. In the top middle you can barely see the outline of a flat fish that blends in with the sand bottom. Stingray we saw while canoeing. We think this is called a coral trout.  Very pretty.
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Taking a little break while canoeing.  It's a lot hard than it looks to actually go straight. Holding the camera just out of the water.  Came out sort of interesting. Our lone Moorea dive.  We should have gone more. Same fish as earlier photo. Thick collection of coral and fish.
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Sea cucumber that the guide handed us. More of the coral and a lone yellow fish. The eels head sticking out after he swam to the safety of the coral. Clown fish in an anemone.  The fish have some coating that stop the anemone from stinging them as it does other fish. Same clown fish, enjoying the protection of their pal.

Bora Bora:

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Fringing reef on the flight in. This may actually be a different island that we passed on the way from Moorea. Some of the many shades of blue. A nice little place to call home for a few days. Airport entrance.
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Looking back at the airport docks.  The really nice hotels have their own shuttle boats. Dawn is ready to leave the airport on the water taxi. Looking back at the airport.  Not too shabby!! Main peak of the island. The first class lodgings at our hotel.  This is as close as we ever got.
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A neighboring hotel. Our hut. Sunset, with an odd shadow included. They must get some wind sometimes for a tree to grow like this. This is the adorable puppy that was well rewarded for his begging at dinner.  Who could refuse this guy??
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The cruise ship 'Paul Gaugahn', anchored inside the surrounding reef. Back of the ship, showing the floating dock that where passengers can take out catamarans, jet skis, etc. Dawn hard at work on a bonito. An unplanned visitor to our boat.  This bird got caught in the line and was flapping frantically.  Had to reel him in to get him untangled. The prize!
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Heading back to our hotel dock. And away goes our fishing guide on our wee craft.  It was plenty stable inside the reef, but a bit rougher in open seas. The first fish we saw on our first dive at Bora Bora.  This is the same type that Oly caught and that harassed us in Australia.  The dive guide said they are harmless, and they are just looking for a host to latch into with their sucker.  They have been known to stick to a diver's tank or bare chest. The best shot we got of a manta ray.  It was very cloudy at the manta ray dive site. In between dives.
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Just some perspective on how clear the water looks from the boat. Less than level self-portrait, taken to burn film so we could have a full roll for the next dive.  One of the large triggers we saw so many of.  Don thinks they are called Queen Triggers. A clam on the coral. Apparently the sea creatures like the short hair cut!!
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Couple more clams and some fish. More clown fish. The anemone is starting to turn inside out. Same type of anemone turned completely in on itself.  These pictures were taken in 50 feet of water with the flash broken.  They do not begin to capture how bright the red was on the anemones. 


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Piece of an atoll, either Rangiroa or Manihi. Could this be the world's smallest commercial airport? Our shower. Rest of the bathroom.  The plants in the back have no roof above them. A visitor in the bathroom one day.
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Another flight.  The planes seem to barely fit on the atoll. View from our balcony. Island to the right of our balcony. Tahitian show at dinner.  All the people in the show also worked in some other fashion at the resort. Jam session, Tahiti style.
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Our hut. Dawn gathering any sun she can find. Dawn in the infinite pool. Nothing like hanging in the pool during the rain. A crab by the pool.  He eventually climbed in and headed for the deep end.
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Pretty indicative shot of the weather we experienced on Manihi. Over-water bungalows. More of the weather.  Although annoying, it was pretty in it's own way. Parrot fish in the lagoon.  The lagoon, which fronts the entire resort, is a preserve so fishing is not allowed.  One of several sharks that swam around in our lagoon.  The larger ones were about 3 feet long.  The smallest we saw was less than a foot.
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With no fishing allowed, it's easy to get a small party started with a few well-placed bread crumbs. Heading for the main inlet.  You can see from how rough the water is that the current is very strong as water flows into and out of the atoll. The 3 splashes in the lower left corner are from flying fish that flew across our bow.  There were dozens of them. Cool fish. Another parrot-type fish.
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Same guy we saw on Moorea. Dawn hanging onto the coral as we pull ourselves along the bottom in the current of the main channel on our first dive. Lionfish, well-spotted by one of the dive guides. Our main guide blowing air rings from his regulator. One of several visitors on our second dive.  You can just se the white cage with the fish carcass in the background.
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A new fish. Assorted frenzy around the spot where the biggest of the eels took the main fish carcass down. A pair of eels looking for handouts.  We probably saw about 8 eels on this dive. Trumpet fish. Dawn's abyss ballet pose.
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Don gets a different perspective on things while floating in the deep blue. Some of the many sharks on our third dive.  Big trigger on the right side also. The guide sets down the fish basket as the guests arrive. Commin at you!!! They do not mind getting very close.

Mainland Tahiti:

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Original entrance to Paul Gougahn's house in Tahiti.  At the museum. Tiki man! Although this looks like a wave crashing, it's actually water being blown up from the rocks based on pressure from a wave hitting the opposite face of the rock in the distance. Blowhole across the street from the ocean and the hole in the prior picture.  This hole was very loud.
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Standing at the base of the main fall we hiked too.  It was hard to tell if it was raining really hard or if the waterfall was producing a lot of spray.  We think the answer is both. The second falls we hiked to. Don at the falls. Dawn at the same falls.
165258_mainisland_11.jpg (18457 bytes) hawaii_plane_01.jpg (22405 bytes) hawaii_plane_02.jpg (8027 bytes)  
Work being done to clear the landslide from the road. The Hawaiian Airlines flight that almost went into the lagoon (article). The view from the lagoon.  This is "pucker factor 10"!!!  



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