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Hamilton Island:

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The marina, as viewed from the hilltop on the way from the airport. Kangaroos, or perhaps Wallabies, from our balcony on the first night, before we got our boat. More of the critters on our lawn. One of our morning guests.  The signs say not to feed them.  Not sure where he got that tidbit in his claw :) Showing off for some food.
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"Strike the pose". Some very colorful guests. The white bird again, plus the two green ones and a black fella with yellow on his wings. Oly and his friends.  There is no evidence of him not feeding these birds right out of his mouth. Morning ferry, bringing supplies to Hamilton from the mainland.
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Dawn and Don on the boat, going through an intro session and check out while everyone else shops. Part of the marina. Don on his way to pick up ice and other lat-minute supplies. The lighthouse on the way out of the marina. Approaching Hamilton marina.
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Another favorite for excursions from Hamilton is the sea plane, seen here preparing to land off our stern. Slow and steady into the marina.  Dawn handles all docking as she has a steady hand. The crew getting ready to head to Sydney and then home.  How can it be that the sun comes out just when they are leaving :( The captain, first mate, and the crew of "La Belle Vie". Shirley and Oly boarding their flight to Sydney.
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Diana heading for her Sydney flight an hour or so later.  Kind of looks like she's thinking about staying! A neighboring boat.  I think I count 8 cockatoos on their boat.  They're probably not feeding them either!! Great sunset from the bow of our boat.  Not a bad way to enjoy some wine. A guest on our boat.  
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Furling the jib. Some of the racing boats that passed by. Fish among the coral attached to the dock right next to the boat. Dawn on the tarmac, as we head for Brisbane.  The preferred Hamilton land-based transportation is in the background.  

At Sea:

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Diana in charge. Oly at the helm. Shirley having a jolly good time at the helm. Don looking ahead for anchorages.
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Dawn looking for a better view. Some of the island terrain. Don at the helm. .... while Dawn relaxes on the leeward side.
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Don seeing how far he can heel the boat without the passengers opting for mutiny. Oly brazing the foul weather with a game or 10 of hand-held Yahtzee. Don the fowl weather gear.  Squalls ahead. Surveying the weather ahead.
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Happiness before we got a bit further and realized that we never should have gone through this passage with squalls coming, 25+ knot winds, and significant seas.  The Moms during calmer weather.  Do they look like sisters or what?!?! Dawn with the dingy in tow. A pass by another anchorage towards the end of the journey.

Water Fun:

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"The pool is open" was the official declaration for fun as soon as we got the  anchor set or attached to a mooring. Diana wither her designer snorkel wear. She's not much of a swimmer and had never been snorkeling.  No way either of these facts was going to take away from her fun though!!! Floating away!!
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Just hangin' out. Smile!! Shirley and Don returning from snorkeling.  Shirley had never snorkeled before either. Shirley coming back from snorkeling.  The bar has been set very hi for future snorkeling trips.
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In honor of the Olympic divers, who had concluded down the coast a ways in Sydney by this time. "He had a bit of splash on that one Bob.  I think that's going to hurt his score a bit."  Happy, despite not medalling. Ready to go diving.
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Diver master Oly taking us out to a spot closer to the reef. Heading out James Bond style. It didn't work out so well though as the tiny motor could not overcome the boats desire to turned towards whichever side Don was on.  He thinks it's only because he was wearing extra weights!! Oly with the official Whitsundays salute.


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First fish caught on the trip.  We caught two like this on the first night using the heads of the shrimp we barbecued for dinner.  Oly kind of looks like he might be thinking bedtime snack!! The Moms heading out for some fishing.  This was about the only time we did not catch any fish. It was a nice boat ride in some beautiful water anyway. Shirley with an evening catch.
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Upon our return from a shore excursion, we found Oly reeling in a bizarre fish. A little better shot of the fish. Dawn and Don considering where to go next during "dinghy trolling".  Dawn actually landed our largest fish in a tuna boil using this fishing approach. With the poles returning home with the crew, we were left to do our fishing via hand line.  This is the same kind of fish that Oly caught.  This is the very one that scare us out of the water while diving.  We were happy to catch him!  He seemed much larger under water, darting at our faces and fingers :')
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The hand line strikes again. The absolutely smallest fish ever taken on 100 lb. test hand line.  Not even sure how Don felt the "strike". Another catch on ye old hand line. Line in one hand and camera in the other, Don took this while fishing alone from the dinghy late one night in Nara Inlet.

At Anchor:

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The main cabin on the boat. One of our neighbors at anchor. Don pushing the dinghy and her crew through the shallow flats en route to a shore  excursion. Diana among the large roots of a tree.  We saw many rays in this shallow water, but luckily never stepped on one. More neighbors at a nearby anchorage.
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Sunset at anchor. Getting more orange. Diana and Don hangin' out one evening. Oly and Shirley doing a bit of the same. An anchorage we spent 2 nights at.  The boats were packed in pretty tight at this location.

Nara Inlet:

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Shore party visiting some Aboriginal cave paintings. Close-up of the paintings. Perhaps the image in the center is of the HUGE biting horseflies that are everywhere while on shore or near shore in the evening.  
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Sunset at Nara. Another view in Nara. Empty beach. Don in the distance fishing from the dinghy.

Deserted Island:

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The left-most island of two islands connected by a land bridge. The land bridge .... at low tide. The right-most island of the two.  This is where we visited and snorkeled. View of the smaller island from the right island. Our dinghy anchored in the sand, with our boat on a mooring in the distance.
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Care to cross the bridge to the smaller island??  Should be an easy walk. Maybe it's not quite so easy.  Maybe Don could make it, but what if the tide keeps rising??  Dawn having a slightly tougher go of it. Here's what happens when you try to take a picture of yourself.  
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View of the land bridge after the tide come in .... at least what little is left of it.  Had we crossed, we would have been stuck for hours. A friendly turtle that swam by.  We saw many of them from the boat, but never while we were in the water. Hayman Island, one of the more exclusive resorts in the world, as seen from our mooring. Blue Pearl Bay, to the side of Hayman Island.  This was about the bluest water we saw during our stay.  



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