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Caption: Our new puppy
Caption: Still has his kennel collar on
Caption: Even as a wee pup, with huge feet, he knew he liked his belly rubbed. Check out that flooring. Ouch!
Caption: His first stick perhaps
Caption: So handsome
Caption: He started smiling at a young age and rarely stopped
Caption: Trying to avoid the razor sharp teeth
Caption: And there is that flooring again. At least what's left of it. Simon tore up the flooring in the foreground, along with anything else he found to be in poor taste, including the Yellow Pages. We decided to start the remodel after that.
Caption: He was never one for baths, or water in general
Caption: Grandma Hazel with Simon (right) and Hazel. We tried out Hazel as a playmate for Simon early on, but she just stole his couch and bed space, which did not go over well at all.
Caption: He was a couch dog for sure
Caption: Simon loved to travel. We took him on several road trips and extended adventures.
Caption: The two of us in skinnier times
Caption: Simon was never happier than when he was running
Caption: I have no idea what to say about this one. I believe it's a shot from the sitcom Mad About You.
Caption: Simon usually avoided water. Perhaps he had not figured that our by this point.
Caption: A very skinny teenage Simon
Caption: He likes that Christmas present
Caption: His own stocking
Caption: Simon's one-and-only Halloween costume
Caption: Be very explicit when asking your dog to get a stick!!
Caption: He loves the shelf provided by Dawn carrying Ethan
Caption: Ready to play
Caption: That's my boy!!
Caption: A pretty boy
Caption: Simon and his best buddy Toby. They would play for a couple of hours, chasing and wrestling.
Caption: The three boys enjoying a nap
Caption: He literally could sleep anywhere
Caption: Boys watching the rain
Caption: Ethan giving Simon a treat. This is the first shot we have after mobing to Arizona.
Caption: Another great Chrsitmas toy, and someone to rub his belly
Caption: A little boy with a marshmallow stash is always a good friend to a dog
Caption: Fish sticks will do nicely as well
Caption: In the yard together on Ethan's second birthday
Caption: The doggy door is definitely not reserved just for the canines
Caption: Sharing treats
Caption: Cheerleading?
Caption: Relaxing at Grandma Shirley's house
Caption: Simon always did like to camp.
Caption: He enjoyed a good hike as well
Caption: A boy and his dog
Caption: Great buddies
Caption: Each with their own bed
Caption: Very snuggly
Caption: Family Christmas shot
Caption: Asking for his Chrsitmas present. Thank you Mom for sending this.
Caption: Rest after quickly destroying his present
Caption: Grandma Shirley and her couch mate
Caption: Campground on our way to Idaho. Simon and Don went for a VERY early walk because Simon was not a light sleeper when camping. And then Don crashed hard on the cold concrete table while everyone else slept. Simon is on guard.
Caption: Idaho: Everyone at the park
Caption: Treats for everyone!
Caption: Simon loved to help open presents, whether you wanted help or not
Caption: A hike in Big Sky, Montana
Caption: A little hiking water break along the Gallatin in Montana
Caption: Simon was quoted here on Halloween 2008 as saying, "Groovy Baby"
Caption: Simon would snuggle with anyone
Caption: Attempted shot with Simon before vacation at the end of July. We left with heavy hearts, as Simon was getting worse. You can see the large growth on his neck. He was very excited because he thought he was going on a road trip. I was so very sad to drive away and see how disappointed he was.
Caption: In Don's office on his last day with us. I will miss my home office companion.
Caption: Heading to the vet. Even feeling as poorly as he did, Simon was smiling and ready to go at the drop of a hat. We will always love you Simon!!
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