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6/11 - Trip to Colorado

Utah state line.  This is the best look at our packing job. Lots of neat rocks and mountains along the way. Makes you want to sing "We're on a road to nowhere". This is 'Mexican Hat'.  There is even a little town of the same name, all because of this rock. Camping area somewhere along the way.
We got to see a long train at a rest area in the Rockies. Ethan was very happy about that.      

6/12 - Our Place and Around Town

Patio entrance.  The main door we use is behind Dawn.  It enters to the lower level. Living area on lower level.  This is where the main TV is located. Wet bar on the lower level. Room full of bunk beds.  Ethan has named it the Train Room since his train now covers most of the floor. Queen sized bed in other bedroom downstairs.  There is one bathroom downstairs.
Heading up stairs.  The front door is behind Ethan.  It's kind of mid-way between the two floors. Up into the other living area.  Everything has been recently remodeled. A little wet bar of sorts Dining area.  The patio is to the left but out of this photo. Nice little kitchen.
King size bed in the master bedroom. Master bath shower. Master tub.  There is also another bathroom on this level, outside the master bedroom. A view from in town.  Not too bad. The Blue River runs right through town, and right near our place.  It's pretty swift.
Ethan enjoys looking at the river. Getting a closer look with Dad. Some of the surrounding mountains. Of course the town would not be complete for Ethan with some sort of train. They have an old snow blower, a coal car, and a caboose.  The things are pretty large.
The working end of the snow blower.  Multiple engines would push these things in front to clear the tracks. A cute little slide in town.      

6/14 - Ethan Fishing

Click here for video (Beware: large file ~10MB)  
The neighborhood fox. Ethan reels in his first fish of the trip. It's a beauty!!    

6/15 - Another Fox

June 15 - A prior resident apparently fed the fox, so it hangs around for handouts.  Drives Simon nuts!!        

6/17 - Fishing

Don on a 1/2 day guided trip on the South Platte.  We were very near the river source. The fish were not big, but the location was great and there were lots of opportunities The guide was nice enough to take a few pictures. You can barely see the fish.  I swear there were a couple of larger ones. Grabbing yet another rainbow.
It was great to be nearly alone in such a beautiful area. June 17 - Tried a little lake spot later with Ethan.  No luck.      

6/18 - Journey North

We headed north to check out the Colorado.  The drive was quite scenic. We dropped from 9,800 feet to 7,600 feet in about 45 minutes. We stopped by this great spot on the Colorado.  We were there about 2 minutes.  The mosquitoes ate us up. Before we left, we decided to check out the tracks.  These stops keep Ethan interested :) Ethan informed us (several times) that "the points were broken".
Don and Ethan were standing on the track and suddenly saw this train coming. Ethan and Dawn waived and the engineer blew his horn. Ethan loves the trains, but he does not love the noise quite so much. One of 8 or 9 engines. On the tracks after the train went by.

6/19 - Bed Time

We moved one of the bunk bed mattresses to our room on the second night.  So we all sleep together.  Boy and dog calling it a day.        

6/20 - Fishing

Back to the spot of our 6/14 success.  Ethan got an even bigger fish!!  We think this is a cutthroat trout.  Just a beautiful fish Then Don got some time on the water.  Got two rainbows in about 10 minutes, then nothing for an hour.      

6/24 - Georgetown Railroad

Train passing over the bridge to come get us. Closer shot of the train. Ethan loves his trains .... not so much love for the noise though. Out turn over the bridge. Enjoying our train ride.
Old car at the upper station. The river flows right by the tracks. Looking down on the old silver mining town. Another shot of the town. Car on a separate line.  They originally planned to bore through the mountain to reach Breckenridge, but they found silver instead.  They pulled something like $200M in the 1800s.
Heading back down to the lower station.        

6/25 - Fishing and South Park




7/1 to 7/3 - Park Visit


7/4 - Parade, River Fun, and Fireworks

Video: Ethan on a swing at the festival Video: Ethan playing on sleet  




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